Having quality video increases the time spent on your site, leads to more quality leads and that ultimately create more profit for your business. Adding video to a site can increase a viewer’s intention to buy your product or service by up to 65%.


Whether it’s an Explainer video, a Brand video, a Testimony video, a Product video, About Us video, or a commercial our production team can get you started in generating better engagement and more sales.


We can also live stream your event saving significant travel costs for your employees as well as getting your company’s products and services in front of a larger audience.

Our Proven Methodology

  • PLAN

    A properly planned and executed video stands a much better chance of being viewed, shared and acted upon.


    Production quality matters... great lighting, camera angles, engaging graphics, video editing, audio mixing, etc.


    A successful video marketing campaign should engage your target audience and compel them to take action.


    Having video, even good video, isn’t a victory. To succeed, you must convert your target audience into a lead.

Video Types

Animated Explainer

Animated Explainer Video

Videos designed to make the complex simple and easy to understand. An explainer video provides an easier way to communicate directly with your customer. Styles include, 2D Cartoon Animation, Whiteboard Animation, Kinetic Typography, Motion Graphics, & Infographics.

The Benefits

    Convert visitors into Leads and Clients with explainer video.
    Start getting more Conversion rates, Leads and Buzz.
    Delivering complex procedures in a simple and easy way.
    Explain your brand product / service within seconds.
    An easy way to attract multiple customers all at once.
    Using the power of storytelling to engage your visitors.


What are customer testimonial videos and why use them?

Customer testimonial videos are a way to let your customers do the talking for you. Putting your most successful, happy, or unique customers on screen is a powerful way to attach a real-life narrative to your product or service. Customer stories typically feature one or more customers talking about how your company has made a positive impact on their life or business.


At Social Media Promotions, we believe the most important part of a customer story video is the getting your customers to vocalize the problem they were faced with and how your company provided a solution. Along with interview footage, this type of video is typically packed with lifestyle shots (known in the biz as b-roll) of your customer using your product or service in their own environment.


Product Videos

Social Media Promotions creates unique, engaging eCommerce product videos that help build brands and drive online sales. Product videos integrate with your eCommerce site’s product pages to tell the story behind your products and highlight their tangible features and benefits.


Product videos enhance the SEO of your site, educate customers and increase conversions.

"About Us"

Company “About Us” Video

A company “About Us” video tells the story of your company, mission, and values. They can be a great tool for connecting with customers, sharing your passion, and making a connection with your potential clients. These videos often feature team members talking testimonial-style about what they do and why they do it.


One of the most common reasons companies create a company story video is to show off the personalities that make up their team along with the mission and values behind them. Company stories are great share on Social Media and include on the “About Us” or “Our Team” section of your website. It’s ideal to have buyers view these videos prior to making a purchasing decision, as customer story videos can help differentiate your brand and give potential customers the extra nudge they need to purchase your product or service.


Event Video

The Social Media Promotions Video team is very experienced and adept at capturing and documenting corporate events, conventions, charity events, promotional events, holiday parties, conferences and trade shows. From video capture to full editing, we specialize in producing excellent wrap-up and promotional videos for our clients to utilize in PR, marketing, branding, and posting on their website and social media channels. We provide a broad range of HD video services such as time lapse, interviews, B-roll, multi-camera, event documentation, as well as full post-production and editing.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming Video

Have an important live event that you want to ensure goes off without a hitch? Social Media Promotions will manage the process alongside your team, to set up your live broadcast and maximize your social media exposure, and monitor every aspect of the event.


Whether it’s Facebook, Periscope, Google Hangouts, or any other live stream platform, we can set you up for success.

Aerial Drone

Aerial Drone Videos

Aerial video provides a unique perspective that adds value to your production. Our stabilized aerial filming platform will capture shots to set your products, service and business apart from the competition.


Branded Videos

Branded video content is a way of advancing a specific message or mission while keeping your company in the background. Branded video content should be authentic, entertaining, usually under 60 seconds, and target your core audience.

Unlike traditional advertisements, branded videos don’t sell anything, in fact, most of this content doesn’t even mention the brand at all. Instead, branded video content helps humanize your business by connecting to viewers emotionally and strengthening your brand voice.


Commercial Advertisements

A video advertisement can be used on TV or YouTube and most social media platforms.  Typically, the video is a short (30 seconds or less) branding-oriented video that promotes your company, product or service.


An advertisement is meant to grab attention, garner interest, and get people excited about what you do. It’s a teaser designed to draw in potential customers.

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