Do Your Paid Campaigns Fall Short?

Are you running paid media campaigns on only one channel or that don’t produce results. Maybe you are just running PPC, or just Social Ads, and they just don’t provide the leads you wanted. At Social Media Promotions we strategically create custom multi-channel strategies that will help you hit your goals. Whether you have never run paid media campaigns before, or you want to integrate Facebook ads, or maybe you want to run “those ads that always follow you”. We can put together a solution that will be right for your business. First step is scheduling a meeting, so we can understand what your specific goals are. So lets chat!

Paid Search (PPC)

Pay Per Click campaigns on search engines can be very successful when set up correctly. We can build, optimize, and manage PPC campaigns across major Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Display Ads

Display ads can be great campaigns for building brand awareness. We work with various Ad Networks to get your banner ads, rich media ads, and more, seen across the internet.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the fastest, and best, digital marketing channels. We can use Facebook to target custom audiences and serve a variety of ad types.

Instagram Ads

Want to display your listings on one of the most visual social networks. Lets build an Instagram marketing strategy to target those potential buyers or sellers.


Using cookies and ad pixels, we can create campaigns that will follow anyone that is interacted with your website but has not converted. Keeping you and your listings front of mind.

Video Ads

Have awesome a video or a commercial? Through our custom campaigns, we can build a strategy that will get your video to play before YouTube videos. Targeted specifically to your demographic of course.

Ad Creation

Need help creating awesome visual ads? Whether it is static banners, Facebook ads, video ads, HTML5 ads, or anything else, we have a team of designers that can get something built for you.

PPC Audit

Using another service or agency for PPC, but want a second set of eyes on your account. We can run full PPC audits to give you valuable feedback on how optimize your account.

Social Ad Audit

Social ads can be very tricky, especially with custom audiences. One of our expert social media marketers can jump in the account and do an audit for you. Get the tips you need to be successful.

We are here to help you succeed!

We would love to discuss how we can help you build your brand & business.

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